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Connect Your Community

SchoolBridge is a collection of tools that help connect your school’s communities by leveraging your SMS data to help students, caregivers and staff share information and meet administrative obligations with less time and effort.


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"The SchoolBridge platform is user friendly and customisable, which has meant our school has been able to personalise the forms for our specific needs without any hassle. The rollout of our digitised system has been very successful with families, with many jumping on board with the electronic forms which are sent straight to their emails, allowing for fast return of permission slips. As it is a digital system, everything is kept in one place and there is no risk of losing paperwork which has been fantastic. 

The EOTC template forms have been crucial in the success of our rollout, as they saved time and ensured that the forms being created were following the good practice guidelines set out by EONZ. I have really enjoyed using SchoolBridge due to the accessibility and support provided from their help desk who are always available and sort out issues or questions very quickly".  

Elise Tilsley - Forest View High School


Give your community a single point of reference for all of your services and target information to specific groups.


Build flexible approval processes for your staff that match your workflow.

EOTC Management

Make EOTC management more comprehensive and easier for staff and caregivers.

Online Permission Slips

No more lost permission slips!
Digital, secure and easy forms for Students and Caregivers.

Use smart form logic to save you time with the SchoolBridge platform.

Absence Reporting

Fast and secure absence reporting for caregivers… 

Advanced reporting and exit pass requests. 

Easy importing to your SMS.

Analysis of Variance Report Builder 

Make the academic portion of MOE Analysis of Variance reporting easier and get more insight into academic achievement.

Staff Reimbursements

Effortless tracking of staff expenses, overnight-stay reimbursements and mileage claim requests. 

Staff have full control over their claims and your finance team have information at their fingertips - or XERO!

Budget Requests

Get focused and accurate budget requests from your team.

You have full request and audit trails, including current and previous year comparisons and tracking.